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Snatch any flight at today's price for a fraction upfront. Pay the rest monthly before you fly. No credit needed.

It's layaway for airfare!
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Any flight you want! From no frills to Philly to business class to Bora Bora.


Lock in the cost for as little as 10% and avoid suffering pot ramen 'til payday.

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After your last payment, you'll find your boarding pass right in the app!

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I can't cope with how much I love this place and it's all thanks to you!
Poppy G
What do I do now. Oh, that's it?
That was easy!
John P
Could you maybe make it less easy? I was hoping some people would back out of this trip.
Laura B
OMG, you're like my cool cousin! And saves me the awkwardness of asking for her card too!
Sam N

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